Pick Up [X]Press Magazine!

San Francisco State University’s magazine, [X]Press, came out today with the first issue of this year. Please check it out if you can. We got some really good articles on San Francisco life ranging from a support group on transpirituality to the effects of the recession on students. Some other awesome stories are focused on the Smart car, students doing the study aboard program, recycling clothes, a feature on the Stonefoxes band, and our cover story on marijuana and the effects on the dealers during this harsh economic times. The magazine staff worked relentlessly and copy-editing all the articles was strenuous, but fun and engaging. If you’re on campus, look for them all over the school. But if not, check out the website.

P.S. My articles didn’t show up for the first issue, but expect to see them for the second issue. 😉


One Response to Pick Up [X]Press Magazine!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I found 6 errors in this post! Haha. I’m sorry. I’ll stop. Also this reminded me to post about it on my own blog (that no one reads)!

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