Pajama Bottoms Should Stay At Home.

I’ve ranted that I don’t like seeing the typical male wearing a fedora unless they can truly pull it off. Well, I’ve found a bigger atrocity in the world of fashion: pajamas outside of the house. Now, granted there will be emergencies where you can’t change your pants if a fire is blazing your house and you will involuntarily wear pajamas, but you shouldn’t willingly wear them as a sign of fashion statement to school, work, or to your local coffee shop. Whatever happened to the young adult wearing tailored clothes or jeans to show his personality or sense of creativity? It looks lazy, uncouth, and unbecoming. When I saw a man wear pajama bottoms earlier this week, I thought all of those adjectives and saw no sense of dignity of self. It literally looked like he just walked out of bed; Never mind the fact that his long hair was scraggly and very oily. I’ve seen this since I was in high school, but I hope the trend does not continue to affect the fashion world. So my advice is to buy more than two pairs of pants (jeans, corduroys, dress pants, whatever). Pajama pants should stay at home.


One Response to Pajama Bottoms Should Stay At Home.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m not saying I disagree, but if that’s a picture of MJ, there are clearly larger issues here than the pajama bottoms. 😛

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