Paul Rudd Needs A Man.

I Love You, Man comes out this weekend in a fairly slowly week for cinema. I had the fortune of watching a special preview of John Hamburg’s new movie a few days ago. The movie is about a recently engaged man (Paul Rudd) trying to find a best male friend since he doesn’t have that many guy friends. He then goes on man-dates and meets Jason Segel‘s character. How was it? Well, it plays the standard formula of any man flick that director Judd Apatow would produce (a la Knocked Up, 40-Year-Old Virgin). Very predictable with the constant gags between masculinity and femininity, but the film succeeds with the awkward acting of Paul Rudd. He’s insecure, a little bit gay, and makes the most random comments. The audience adored his character because of his over-the-top mannerisms or the fact that the audience sees a little part of them in him. I for one, can relate to many of his actions. His interaction with his wife,  played by Rashida Jones, and Jason Segel provide some of the best comedy of social awkwardness. So the movie might not be the best comedy, but it succeeds with relating Paul Rudd’s character with our deep insecurities. And Anyone can relate to that, so the movie is worth a peek.

My Rating: B-/C+


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