Productivity During Spring Break.

Spring Break arrived for San Francisco State, and mine was quite enjoyable and memorable. In the beginning of the week, I ventured a lot into the foggy San Francisco and its oddities for story inspirations: the filthiest strip club on Broadway, a typical nice bar on Irving with the jukebox selections, the sensational artworks in Downtown SF (complete down below with Andy Warhol’s piece of multiple Elizabeth Taylors), a rare PEZ museum,  and an adorable comic book store/coffeeshop in the Mission (posting coming soon). On my last day before my trip to Texas, I casually went bowling, visited a swanky bar in San Bruno, and bought my comics at Comics Outpost. It was sad to hear that it was store owner Gary’s last day, but treated everyone with a fantastic sale of fifty percent off.

My trip to Texas was fun, but I must admit, it did have its irritations: 4 hour delays, sleep deprivation, horrendous turbulence, frigid weather, and the prevailing stereotypes ( i.e. “slow but big,” cowboy hats, Texas Chainshaw/Giant vibe). At least I finished reading Truman Capote’s novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a graphic novel titled Air (reviews coming soon). All the while, I was busy finishing touches on my magazine articles (again, more on that in due time). I’m very proud of them and next will be funnier: production week, work, ghost hunting. The “fact” that spring break is a break from school is wrong; There’s always time to be productive.


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