Left In The Air.

Have you ever read a novel so coincidental that it pertains to your life? I did when I read writer G. Willow Wilson’s graphic novel, Air, while flying back to San Francisco. Pretty scary considering that the flight was four hours long with massively bad turbulence with an old annoying Texan couple sitting right next to me. Anyways, I bought the graphic novel at my local comic book store with a 50 percent discount. It was sweet deal since now I paid only five dollars. The novel focuses on a female acrophobic flight attendant who’s whisked away by an aerial war of terrorism. What follows becomes a mythical journey of the sixth senses with relatable vignettes concerning the Middle East. I’ve heard critics praising this novel with marvelous accolades even by writer Neil Gaiman. But while it is a fun adventurous romp, it’s standard fare with serviceable art. The story never really went anywhere for five issues with not a final resolution. I know it’s ongoing series, but please leave it standalone and cohesive for new readers. So it is a good premise, but I will not continue on the war in the air. At least, there’s a special guest star, which I won’t reveal for spoilers.

My Rating: C+


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