You’ve Got Style!

One of the best activities in San Francisco is to sit down and people-watch, anywhere literally. For myself, I  like to look at the style of the male passerbys. There’s always an elite of men dressed in stunning topcoats, tailored jeans, dress boots, Barracuda jackets, slim formfitting polos, etc. But for every satorialist, there’s about 90 percent wearing saggy pants, wife-beaters, sluggish polos, ponytails, and (dear god) pajama bottoms. Whatever happened to the man who struts with class? I don’t want a sloth walking down the streets of Union Square in a pair of pajama bottoms.

Now I would love to congratulate the style-makers with a handshake. But for the others, I would like to reprimand them and throw a copy of Detail’s Men’s Style Manual at them. Why would I do that? Well for one it’s my style bible that offers nifty tips from everything to shirts, ties, shoes, (ex. Neutral sweaters as an added layers are the place to start. Gray is the safest. But navy  blue and black will work well too). It even offers many don’ts and helpful tips from designers like Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Dontatella Versace, Zac Posen, and Gorgio Armani once said “If you‘re lost for style, find a male role model .” The manual even provides a comprehensive list of stylish movies (The Talented Mr. Ripley, of course)and how to correctly pack for traveling. Now this is 21st century lessons for everyone from the amateur to the satorialist. Veto the stuffy librarian look, and amp for the “look good, feel good” vibe instead.  You’ll be happy afterwards, promise.


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