Superman Shorts: Look Up In The Sky…

Last week, Warner Brothers Studio released a wonderfully restored edition of Max and Dave Fleischer’s Superman. These 17 animated shorts chronicle the adventures of the first superhero during in 1940s America. The atmospheric aura is very sci-fi and pulpy with high-octane music, definitely a product of its time when mixing mad scientists, crooked robbers, and German spies. With so many versions of these cartoons in the public domain (especially the Internet), is it worth the price? My vote is a definite, resounding YES! The quality is at high peak with special features on the origins of the “superman” legend (dating back to the Greek myths of Hercules) and the story behind its creation. I like how they incorporate the vaudevillian fantastic elements with the dark and shadowy New Yorkian world with a superhero archetype. These shorts are almost life-like its narrative. Its stylistic influence has set the standard for many animators and action adventures. Just look at Star Wars, Batman: the Animated Series, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Alex Ross’ artwork on Superman, and Indiana Jones and compare them, and you’ll see a connection. These are great stories told in a realistic format for all children and adults. This is a must-see to witness the heights of Superman.

One Response to Superman Shorts: Look Up In The Sky…

  1. jai says:

    Omg, I love it! I’ve got an ancient vhs with a couple episodes of superman… This is such a classic!

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