Pick Up the [X]Press Magazine, Please.

I’m proud to announce that the second [X]press issue of Spring ’09 came out yesterday, and it looks better than last ish. Not only with the design and the lack of major errors, but with the creativity and the imagination of all the stories picked. Seriously! We produced some awesome stories from a story about objectum-sexuals, a woman’s tale of being absolutely flabulous, a new perspective on the death of the San Francisco Chronicle, a man’s survival with nature, the tenth anniversary of Ghostly Records, dining in pitch dark served by blind waiters, passion parties, a San Francisco-based movie with riding, a woman’s lifelong struggle with apartheid, and so many other great diverse stories. And of course, I should shamelessly plug my story on alternative spring break and the aftermath of Prop 8, which I collaborated with fellow colleague Jasmine Loy (will be posting them really soon). The editor’s letter summed up my feelings on San Francisco: very divided and stereotyped, but we’ll provide the great tales in between that truly show the quirky face of San Francisco. If you are in the San Francisco State area, please pick up the issue or check it out at this website: Xpress Magazine.


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