Bringing The 90s X-Men Back.

Finally, one of my favorite cartoons is released this week— X-Men: The Animated Series. This show peaked my interest into the X-Universe and it’s a wonderful treat to relive these 33 episodes, which focused on genetically-born mutants who fight a world that hates them. This was the animated show that spawned numerous superhero imitators of the 1990s and the most popular show of the Fox Network. Because of that, I remember anticipating every Saturday morning to see what would happen to these lovable characters.  Unfortunately, it may be a nostalgic trip for me, but newcomers may percieve everything jarring as the animation is weak and the dialogue is over-the-top cheesy (thank the 90s, really). Still, it is worth to check out as it is inspired by artist Jim Lee’s comic designs. I especially love the episodes that focus on Rogue and Gambit and the whole Phoenix Saga with Jean Grey. Can’t wait for the next two volumes in which it has the best X-Men story ever made: THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA.


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