So You Want To Be GQ In 30 Days, Part 1.

During the months of March and April, I watched a video a day on tips to improve my style with a rebellious flair. Now, I must say that this is an exciting tool used to promote GQ and style, in general. Everyday, I learned something new with some of the most fun and interesting tips focused on shawl collar cardigans, stylish framed glasses, the appropriateness of male accessories, mixing casual with formal with a suit, dressing up your denim, and working clever methods for a leather jacket. All deserved ratings of a top 4.

GQ Rules

1. Wearing a Suit Casually
The first day mentioned the awesomeness of wearing corduroys because you will always look casual with the nice fabric it contains. Some of the rebellious rules were not ironing your shirts and unbuttoning the suits to look like loose Robert Redford or to work with short sleeve shirts, skinnier ties, or casual shoes like boaches. Really cop an attitude as you be comfortable, while looking comfortable.

2. Dress To a T
T-shirts have the main feature of the classic comfort. They go well whenever you wear a blazer or a sports coat, especially v-necks and ringer tees. To know your shirts well, it’s good to have the right athletic length  (slim but not too tight, not short) and to notice that stripes and similar tonal colors will help you in the long run. Now, to be a rebel, there’s nothing wrong leaving the front (leaves a nonchalant feel), trying different colors, buy a shirt with a pocket tee to look dressy, or layering the v-neck with maybe a crew neck.

3. Put a Lid on It
Not my favorite topic, but they just talk about the different fedoras, really: crown, brim, bowler, pork pie, straw hat, welsh hat. Many people wear hats with a t-shirt and jeans, but I already mentioned my opinion on this subject. If it suits you, stick to it.

4. Rethink Your Leather Jacket
I like leather jackets. It’s good to know you could wear with anything now. Like model James Penfold with a ringer tee, pinstripe pants, and elegant lace-ups or dressing casually with a tie, dress shirt, jacket, skinny, and black jeans. Wearing all back (black jeans, black jackets) seems like a good idea, but I like the fact that jacket should fit well, bomber style!

5. Get Some Color
This topic just talks about knowing your colors in line with suits. They mention keeping the suit neutral with the inside vibrant and knowing how to mix stripes, patterns, and solids. Hey, maybe even be monochromatic.

6. Dress Up Your Denim
One of my favorite topics because they really can be casual with dressiness or not. First, let’s say to keep it simple with no bagginess and it is wise to go with a slim dark wash paired with a belt. And when you tailor off your jeans with a tie, oxford, and vintage vest, you’ll look fantastic.

7. Wear It on Your Chest
This topic talked about a rare item: pocket squares. They mention the rebellious way would be to have a messy color  just thrown in. Or you could  go the classic white crest or the outrageous colors like acid green. With the tie, they say to have a tamer color for the tie to compliment each other (Do not match!)

8. Go Vest, Young Man
Love it! They work well with three piece suits when you just lose the jacket. You can dress down while pairing with dark jeans and a fitted shirt. Must be snug, but rock out with vest with a t-shirt (still slim, unbutton), skinny jeans hitting the bar.

9. Go Sockless
They say this is male form of cleavage. I would agree. One of their best tips is to go sockless at night and show some ankles with your short trousers. Again, must be comfortable with yourself, and add some cushion for help.

10. Suit Down
I love down vests, so this topic is always fun. The materialists say to throw on the vest on a heavy weighty suit or thinner vest under a jacket. Best not to go oversized so the shoulders don’t go over the line.

11. Scarf It Up
Awesome topic because they say the scarf is is an accessory that should be used since it accentuates your personality. They show how to tie a scarf with multiples too.

12. Slip on Sneakers With a Suit
They’ve always said slippers with a suit was a no-no, but it’s the modern world and a sneaker can go a long way. Keeping it simple with basic whites, vans, or nice black leather makes a relaxed statement if the silhouette is done correctly. But then again, typical business shouldn’t go with the sneaker.

13. Be A Man- Wear Jewelry
Anything you wear, it should feel like yourself and comfortable with a worn-in feel. They give great advice on everything from wedding bands, watches, cuff bracelet, cuff wrists, and rings. Start with your wrists, and add a necklace for an anchor.

14. Knot It Like an Italian
This was a really simple topic, but they mention how to tie a knot like an Italian: nice dimple, the long end is longer, expose it. They add that the color should be bolder, bigger, and colorful.

15. Get Framed
Fantastic topic since they talk about the right eyewear. It makes a statement when you follow the four rules: 1. Shape (offset the geometry of your face); 2. Size (eye center in the frame); 3. Color (highlight a feature/hair/skin color); and 4. The fit. Can’t go wrong, really.

The last 15 will be continued…


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  1. Wow, I’m so excited I stumbled upon this, because in the beginning of my wedding it provides me with so much information to be able to prepare my event!

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