Enter The Ragin’ Gambit.

The X-Men Franchise spin-off, Wolverine: Origins, came out last Friday. My interest peaked, but ultimately I decided not to pay $10 for a movie that I know is going be crappy. I’ve heard reviews say that is better than Catwoman but nowhere near Iron Man. Come again? The space is so infinitely vague that I’m pondering if it is Street Fighter. That‘s not a very good assumption. The only reason I really wanted to watch the movie was because of Gambit, the mutant thief who could kinetically blow up inanimate objects. I walked into a comic book store and it was funny hearing everyone excited to see another character besides Wolverine: Sabretooth, Deadpool, Blob. Many were outraged that he wasn’t going to be in the first three X-Men movies with supposed casting of actor Channing Tatum. Ugh bad casting. I would much prefer Lost’s Josh Halloway or Unfaithful’s Olivier Martinez, but Taylor Kitch (the actor actually playing him) looks the part. Sadly, he’s only in the film for 5 minutes, so I’m not missing much.

But what better way to pay tribute to Gambit with his own trade paperback collection entitled Gambit Classic. This collection has his first appearance in 1987 with a bizarre plot: As Gambit is stealing, he bumps into a de-aged Storm as she’s running from the Nanny-Maker and her hounds. I’m so sorry that that sounds like a bad script, but that’s what happens. I couldn’t possibly be making that crap up. The next half showcases his first miniseries from 1993 as he returns to New Orleans dealing with his dead wife, his screwed-up family in the Thieves’ Guild, all the while as his mutant absorbing girlfriend, Rogue, tags along. This was much better as it was character focused, maintained the interaction with Rogue, and revealed his past. A bit 90s for my taste as the clothes are atrociously skimpy with over-rotten dialogue, but it is still good nostalgic fun.

Currently, Gambit has finally been making strides as he has an origin coming out while writer Mike Carey makes great use of him in X-Men: Legacy as Xavier finds redemption with Gambit tagging along to find Rogue. He’s always been horrible as he perpetuates the new Orleans stereotype and rides the shame of possible roles: the X-traitor, the possible third Summers brother. He’s great as he crosses the line of good and evil, which is why he kicked ass in the X-Men crossover, Messiah Complex. Light up ’em cards, Mon ami!


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