Farewell, MADtv.

So After 14 seasons, Madtv- a show with sketch comedy skits- is finally ending it’s run. Madtv always seemed like the second follower to the more critically acclaimed Saturday Night live, but the show still provided low-brow humor that everyone can enjoy. So ever since 1995, we’ve had some delightful comedies from comedians like Debra Wilson (Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson), Bobby Lee (Connie Chung), Michael McDonald (man-boy Stuart Larkin) Nicole Sullivan (Vancome Lady), Stephanie Weir (hyperactive kid Dot Goddard), Alex Borstein (Ms. Swan), Mo Collins (the screechy-voiced mother of Stuart), Ares Spears (Belma Buttons from Reality Check), and Will Sasso (Steven Sagal). I grew up watching their comedies and it’s going to be sad seeing them leave. I salute you guys for being there when America was in times of crisis and terrorism. You were just providing some unpretentious, uncensored laughs.

Last airing: May 16, 2009.

Too many sketches, but here’s six that made an impression:


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