So You Want To Be GQ In 30 Days, Part 2.

At the end of the 30 days, I had the urge to shop for slim jeans, tailored dress pants,  and swanky dress boots. I enlightened myself to pull off a cowboy feel by wearing a skinny tie, a white oxford, a black jean jacket, slim khakis, and chic rims. But within the first set of days, I learned the value of good corduroys because I will always look chic in them. Thank god I bought 4 pairs already! With all the 30 rebellious rules, the basic motto remains: So You Want To Be GQ? Defy All The Rules. Be Comfortable, Show Confidence.

GQ Rules

16. Tie It Down
The great topic of ties are addressed as they mentioned rebelling by wearing a rumpled oxford shirt with a tie bar. Great tips on pulling off the cowboy feel (tie, oxford, jean jacket, slim khakis), the simplistic look (jeans, nice oxford), or the other great look (plaid flannel, jeans, down vest).

17. Be a Cuff Guy
A weird topic but worth mentioning as they mention two-inch deep cuffs on suit pants. I like it cause they say it anchors your suit with the pants hanging straight.

18. Raise It to the Power of Three
Fantastic topic as they discuss the three pieces of a man’s attire. They say it comes with a pompous connotation, but the hell with that if Tom Ford can pull it off. Do it with a blazer. Do it with a vest. Just do it and break the pieces down with attitude like without a tie or with cowboy boots.

19. Hit the Links
A topic with a short mention because they say wearing links is splendid whenever you feel like it. But wear it only with a French cuff shirt.

20. Throw on a Shawl Collar Cardigan
Now this is a great topic because it defeats the Mr. Rogers look. It can be multi-functional in the office or the weekend even when you pop up the collar for the cold nights. These cardigans go great as bulky paired with any pants and sneakers, even with a tie. You’ll see me not buttoning all the way because I’ll look easygoing and nonchalant.

21. Amp Up Your Tux
An unorthodox method by saying that keep up the top traditional but the bottom different with black jeans, etc. They also say that men have all the pieces tool: typical white shirt, dirty shoes, bowtie.

22. Know What Brown Can Do For You
Another awesome topic because brown really does have tasteful and understated attitude more than the sobering black-colored shoes. Make it shine and maybe start with a gray suit and try it with dark brown for easier way to start.

23. Rock a Bowtie
The satoralists say wearing a bowtie indicates something special. Nothing wrong with that, but they also discuss going narrowing with shorter, tighter proportions and that toning down with black and white colors are smooth. The video teaches how to tie properly and that clip-ons are okay. But brighter colors will make you look (gasp) gaudy.

24. Prep Yourself
The basics of the prep look: I love it. It’s classic American. They give the advice of natural shoulder padding, a twisted and longer club tie, a slimmer bolder shirt (higher waist with closeness to the body, but not too skinny), slimmer jeans or khakis to pull off the Miles Davis look. For me, I can look taller.

25. Stick Your Neck Out
Fast topic as they mention collar pins and tie bars and go a long way to looking like Steve McQueen or Pierce Bronson. One surprising trick is to punch holes to your collar shirts while matching with whatever accessories you have.

26. Pull on a Parka
Parkas are great. They go a long way if you want to go neutral with suit or if you want it really basic with a longer jacket for a suit. I love the mention of a duffel coat because it can be high-end luxurious, early 50s Americana, mid-century look, dead poets society, or more slicker and urban. I want to pair it with a schoolboy scarf now.

27. Boot Up
I LOVE BOOTS. Boots have many descriptions: classic, rugged, cool, British (when with a suit), Attitude. I think I’ll try it with a sweater or with a gray flannel suit. Either way, I’ll look great.

28. Sock It To ‘Em
Awesome topic because they say nay, black, and gray are so typical to wear. It can be fun in between if you let the socks pop like brown laceups with orange, reddish socks. They even say keeping it stable on top with a black tie and outrageous colors.

29. Get Your Money’s Worth
Very vague topic but they mention the basics: Do your homework as in research. Find a Good tailor, wear a pocket square for the traditional English Gentleman. They even mention the rebel tips as go casual (sweater or a blazer for the cool American even with thin rugby shirt over oxford shirt), wear white anytime, or wearing the suit pants separately with a sweater or a down vest.

30. Suit Your Shades
The last topic really is minor as it mentions matching sunglasses with neutral suits with a preferred pick of aviator glasses because of it’s shiny wired rims. Fine by me, but it talks about wearing only one jewelry.


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