Star Trek’s New Genesis.

For this year’s summer blockbuster, I found it in the form of the newly resurrected film prequel of Star Trek. I watched it on Thursday, a day before its initial release, with a strange lot of early pre-showings. Strange enough, but I believe that the film is fantastic to watch for everyone, regardless of age or prior knowledge to the Star Trek franchise. I am not a trekkie fan, but I enjoyed the action-packed scenes, the mind-blowing special effects, and the array of comedic moments from some of it’s shining stars like Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. It was great to see the space background coupled with Earth scenes in San Francisco. There was so much suspense and action that I’m amazed on how they pulled it off. Also dually noted is the music which transcends into a world of space and meta- physicality (I know that sounds cheesy, but that’s all I can describe it as).

The casting of Star Trek is very good as it pays tribute to the original while updating them with a sexy vibe for the new millennium. Zachary Quinto was great as he portrayed Spock with a sense of dignity, emotions, and knowledge. And of course, Chris Pine was very good (and sexy) as he played a more rebellious Captain Kirk with a great touch of humor. Leonard Nimoy also added a great cameo as the future version of Spock. Loved the rest of the cast and I salute you, J.J. Abrams.  The movie was fantastic, and hopefully there’s a promise of more to come with more action, more pathos, and more tributes.

My Rating: A

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