Female Fans Love Man-On-Man.

The third 2009 issue of the [X]Press Magazine came out last Thursday with a bevy of quirky and fun stories revolving around the city of San Francisco. Some of the interesting stories that we offer are couchsurfing, the cougar lifestyle, selling bones (some human), the Healthy Penis campaign, music fans of a far-out band, prostitution in the Sunset District, a man’s fight to help cure AIDS, evicting the homeless, and the 30th anniversary of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. So much to check out! But of course, look at my article on heterosexual women who love watching gay male porn. There is a demographic out there, and they shouldn’t be ashamed. Check it out. =)

Female Fans Love Man-On-Man
Chris Huqueriza, copy editor
May 14, 2009

While a no-go for the majority of heterosexuals, for some straight women, gay porn is a wet dream come true.

Imagine a muscular, tan college boy. He’s over six feet tall, with flawless facial features, and all he’s wearing is a pair of white briefs. He’d be any woman’s fantasy, right? Well sure, but he’s also a porn star, and right now he’s getting ready for a short film.

Standing directly in front of him is a slim, 5’11” dirty blonde jock–naked, slathered with oil, and ready to wrestle.

The stakes are high; whoever loses the match must assume the “bottom,” and it looks like the brunette is going to be doing the ramming.

It’s a gay man’s wet dream come true, but some straight women are also aroused by this delicious scenario. It’s a hard fact to swallow, but it’s true.

The idea of straight women into gay porn shouldn’t be shocking. In this sex-obsessed culture, fantasies and fetishes are as common as Facebook accounts. What’s wrong with women enjoying two men engaging each other sexually? Women like men. Attractive men. Two attractive men is a bonus.

Alex Dexter, a SF State business major, watched her first porn at the age of ten, and her first gay porn at fourteen. She enjoyed every second of it. Now, as she sits back and ponders what it is about gay porn that appeals to her, she can’t come to a definite answer. Finally, after a lingering silence, she sighs and answers: “Everything.”

The arousal she experiences from seeing two guys kissing and being intimate is much stronger than anything straight porn does for her. “It’s so hot,” says Dexter, who considers herself bisexual. “Two domineering guys dominating each other is even hotter.”

She usually gets her porn through online websites like PornoTube and RedTube once a week, and rarely peruses any straight porn videos, because in her words, it’s “boring.”
Gay porn star Derek Pain knows that many women aren’t attracted to straight porn’s unattractive male cast. He’s only been in the industry for a year, but this forty-five-year-old, 5’9″ blonde has gained a noteworthy female following from his movies on boundgods.com and boundmuscles.com.

“I’ve had several fans email me with praise,” says Derek Pain. “Some actually attempt to get me on the ‘other side’.” For Derek, the best part of being in the porn industry is the attention, regardless of where he gets it.

Alicia Hopper is another fan of gay porn. This SF State biology major shows no shame when mentioning the pleasure she draws from gay porn. She watches it three times a week, usually on her computer from sites like nakedsword.com, Literotica, and LimeWire. She watches gay porn for one reason: the intimacy.

“Gay porn is more sentimental when the guys take time to touch each other,” says Alicia as she crosses her legs with a cigarette in one hand. “Straight porn [actors] just wanna fuck. It’s like rape.”

One twenty-three-year-old gay porn fan, who goes by the alias “Quinn Van Dale” for fear of family resentment, says she has an addiction.

“Whenever I look at a guy walking down the street, I picture him naked,” says Quinn, who once watched porn fourteen times in one week. “I imagined one guy screwing the guy right next to him.” She believes that watching gay porn is better. “It’s a double negative,” says Quinn. “I’m not getting anything [in straight porn]. The girl is whatever and the guy is ugly.”

With her wide knowledge of the porn world, Alicia has gotten picky about her choices. For one, Alicia doesn’t like the time wasted by some of the long shots of a “dick taking forever” to enter the anus. “I hate it when they don’t fuck and just give head. It’s a tease. It sucks,” says Alicia, laughing.

For the most part, the women who like gay porn share similar fantasies: playing in the water, locker room settings, the “seducing the straight guy” scenario, hairless college boys, and so much more. Each of these women has talked with [X]Press for over an hour about their love of gay porn, but they could never shout their love for it in public. They’ve gotten the stink eye from some women when they told them about their hobby. “Women usually say it’s weird,” says Alex. “I just brush it aside and say to them, ‘Get over yourself.'”


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