Time For Some Summer Readings.

I remember anxiously waiting for summer to arrive, but dreading the possibilities of summer reading. Yeah, that atrocious leisure activity I would rather forget and actually go out and get some fresh air. But this time around, I’m going back to that little niche hobby because I have a few books/graphic novels I wanted to check out. Ad of course, times have changed where reading is enjoyable. Sure, I will be out and enjoying summer (Las Vegas trip, working out, tanning, film festival volunteer, Pride Day, and the reopening of the Cafe come to mind), but summer reading will be littered every time I crave some downtime. But I won’t ignore the show that I actually need to watch:  the first season of Queer as Folk. =)

Mostly, I’ll be catching up on some graphic novel anthologies:

  • Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber: a sort-of modern retelling of classic fairy tales, but with a sexually explicit tone with a positive feminist perspective. Read it before in my Folklore class, but would like to revisit them for enjoyment.
  • Marvel Romance: I just want to read some nostalgic 60s era romance tales drawn by greats like Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko mixed with absurd Douglas Sirk’s melodrama. And possibly read Marvel Romance Redux, a parody of these outdated tales.
  • Flight: I’ve heard a lot of fantastic accolades about these tales. I mean there’s a sixth volume coming out soon, but I still have no idea what they’re about except that they are vignettes connected with the theme of flight. Really, worth a check.
  • Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology: I’ve heard a lot of great acclaim about a new perspective of the Asian American experience, except with a positive superhero perspective. I will check this out soon.
  • Essential Classic X-men vol. 2: I’ve read the first 21 issues of the original 1960s X-Men adventures and wanted to check out their kooky and bizarre Silver Age follow-ups, but not for $50 a graphic novel. So the Essential volume it is.
  • Nick Fury: Agent of Shield: Always on the bottom of my list, but I might sometime. The legendary tales of Agent Nick Fury with psychedelic art from Jim Steranko. Perfect for the summer at Dolores Park.

With actual comic books, I’ll just be reading:

  • Finishing Matt Fraction’s Sisterhood arc in Uncanny X-Men
  • Selective issues (particularly 1 and 4) of Fantastic Four
  • The Dark Avenger/Uncanny X-Men Crossover in Utopia
  • The last issues of Xavier’s journey in X-Men Legacy
  • Hex-centennial issues of Spiderman, Captain America, the Hulk, and Daredevil
  • The first issue of Marvels Project and a commendatory issue of 1939’s Marvel Comics #1

Does anyone else have any leisurely reading to do?

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