GQ’s Geared Up For The Summer.

It’s summertime, and GQ finally published their June 2009 Issue! That means it comes with oodles of jam-packed info on exotic places, casual attire, and pretty pictures. For a slim 188-page issue, the magazine offered a lot with an inspiring Project Upgrade section, the Style Guy’s advice on nose hairs, and writer Will Welch’s cry against the douche bags that tried to reclaim prep style as their provocative lifestyle. Very intriguing, indeed. I also loved reading about the seven distinct types of pizzas with 25 great American locations (one in San Francisco), but detested the anti-Starbucks rant on their iced coffee. Summer is perfect for iced coffee, but GQ needs to lay off the Starbucks hatred (it’s the fourth time this yearon their corporate rant, really). Actor Chris Pine’s photoshoot was magnificently alluring while NFL star Mark Sanchez’s 70’s vibe photoshoot was appropriately summery. And kudos to the descriptive use of khakis for any time and the sly advertisement of the colorful woven striped belt on practically every page (I WILL get one).  Only downgrade I could give would be Christian Bale: as the cover story, his pictures looked atrocious. He’s a BEAR! ‘Nuff said.

Chris Pine:

Mark Sanchez:


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