GQ Time, And Chuck Bass.

GQ’s July issue had a bevy of goodies and some lacking in quality. The main frame of the issue was a comedic undertone with an interview on Sasha Baron Cohen, up-and-coming comedians in stylish suits, and a bromance 101 course. But I strayed away from them and delved more with the witty articles and the provocative dressing. The “Project Upgrade” section focused on summer weddings (the mixture of a blue blazer, white pants, and a lavender dress shirt is surprisingly chic) while they had a whole page on prep-style (again- but a “Brooks Brothers” lesson like “pants should be as fitted as a polo. Have them taken in a smidge” instantly hooked me). Two articles that were interesting were the “The Lost Art of Getting Lost” and a column on men who judge their dates by their attire. Very funny and knowledgeable, but pretty average. The Style Guy’s column is always a treat (this time he raised the questions on unbutton shirts, tans, and tie tuck-ins), but three features that grabbed my attention was Ed Westwick’s classy photoshoot on the lovely basics (shown below), design on clean and masculine rooming, and 8 pages on the perfect swimming trunk: fit, accentuate the best features, show color. It must be summertime!


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