Movie Review Mayhem.

Not only was it Pride Week, but I actually watched a few movies. Four to be exact. To spare some time, I’ll just give each of them short reviews since some were mediocre, others intriguing, and one actually a re-watch.

Transformers 2 (2009): Quality in Disguise.

Wow. This movie takes that saying for pretty much “all blockbuster action with a mediocre plot.” The good robots return to fight the bad robots (with an ancient robot species) to fight to save the Earth. This is all happening while Shia LaBeouf’s character juggles Megan Fox and college life. Like I said, the movie wasn’t that great because everything from the plot to the locations were all over the place. Nothing really connected cohesively. The first movie was better because the premise was simple enough as they took the ordinary (suburban geek boy) into the extraordinary (alien robot cars). It’s still a funny movie, but with a time length that lasts for 2 ½ hours long.

Into The Wild (2007): Introspective Adventure

I’ve wanted to watch this film for a very, very long time. The movie was directed by Sean Penn based on Jon Krakauer’s best-selling non-fiction novel about a boy (Emile Hirsch) that gives up everything to explore the wilderness in a two-year span. As a basic spoiler, the young man dies in the end, but it’s his journey that truly beautiful. He meets an array of interesting characters from Dutch tourists to ageless hippies all the while seeing the transcending beauty of nature. I loved it as the cinematography was beautiful while the acting was authentically emotional.

Alfie (2004): Stylish Cad In Manhattan

I saw this movie when it came out back in 2004, and I wanted to re-watch it, but it took me forever to look for the film. I went everywhere from Borders to Best Buy to FYE to Suncoast: nothing. So I rented it instead. He’s a stylish man who lives a hedonistic lifestyle and is afraid to commit. He breaks the fourth wall numerous times, so the intimacy with the character feels natural. One of the best features of the film are the bevy of beautiful women from the chic Sienna Miller to the voluptuous Nia Long to the girl-next-door Marisa Tomei to the over 50 sex-pot Susan Sarandon.  The cinematography is also a treat as it accentuates the Manhattan surroundings and the main actor, Jude Law, and his features (a role perfectly tailored for him even if it is a remake of Michael Caine’s 1966 film). Loved it a second time, as you just want to have a good time.

High School Musical 3 (2008): Finally, It’s Over.

High School Musical 3 is, in my opinion, okay. Okay always means that the product borderlines on average, but really not that great. The first High School Musical was an awesomely bad television musical while the second was good on its own merits because it bombarded the audience with Prozac, neon colors. The third installment would have been okay if it wasn’t in theaters. A bit pointless as it plays a long over-driven episode on the Disney channel. The setting is high school so that means whiny “bitch” teenage problems, graduation, final prom, and everything centering on basketball. But still, it had its catchy, infectious songs and over-the-top dance sets. Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tishdale, Monique Coleman, and Lucas Gabreel do cheesy acting, but fine singing. These characters should really venture into the real world. So, yeah: Finally.


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