Films Penetrating Gay Cinema.

During the past couple of weeks, I wanted to find a few films with a good LGBT angle. I watched Shelter last year, and I absolutely loved it. This month, I watched Tom Gustafson’s Were The World Mine and John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus. Here’s my short reviews for both films, but I’ll tell you right now that they are wonderfully awesome.

Were the World Mine (2008)

This was a pretty good gay-themed movie. Inspired by William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and directed by Tom Gustafson, the plot focuses on a young gay boy living in a homophobic town while attending an all-boy‘s school. Soon after, he’s cast in the play and turns everyone gay with the help of a magical plant. Conflicts erupts between his jock crush, his best friends, and his mother. The play is set in motion, but everyone now feels what‘s it‘s like to be gay. The music is sort of like a musical, but meshes the song as part of the plot  with the songs very sensual. The actors are cute (Tanner Cohen and Nathaniel David Becker), and the movie ends with a surprise twist. The movie won many awards in film festivals, including Grand Jury Award for Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature at Outfest 2008.

Shortbus (2006)

The term “shortbus” is meant to be defined as “a saloon (or sex club) of the gifted and the challenged.” Director John Cameron Mitchell uses the location to film a movie about the honest portrayals of sex through the characters’ sexual eccentricities, gay and straight. The characters are indeed gifted and challenged: a couple’s therapist has never orgasmed, a female dominatrix has never really been intimate with a person, and a former hustler has trouble being loved. These characters interact with each other and produce unpredictable and intense reactions that end with heartwarming resolutions. An awesome whimsical film with fantastic “documentary-esque” cinematography with very explicit sex. The first seven minutes is mind-blowingly risqué. But again, It’s not porn, it’s life.


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