GQ Lessons.

What I learned this August issue of the GQ Mag:

  1. Listen to the Style Guy’s advice on rare stock up items (if you find something you love, stock up…if it’s truly perfect, buy a lifetime supply), manicures (there’s nothing wrong with a little pampering), wearing a shirt is mandatory in public, and a rumpled oxford looks relaxed and casual.
  2. This fall, the essentials are still the essentials: v-necks, converse shoes, skinny jeans, white oxfords, top coats, and James Dean-esque Barracuda jackets.
  3. Conglomerate titans Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have a men’s wear (Elizabeth and James) that have nice sweaters
  4. The Satorialist section had Brooklyn Chic!: a man wearing a slim long-sleeve with slim shorts is perfection while the white v-neck with leather jacket and slim pants never go out of style. Note to self: try “contrasting textures while keeping the colors sync.”
  5. Practice jump roping for 5 minutes like Pro Surfer Ian Walsh. Just for a cardio warm-up, I hope to gain coordination, leg strength, explosive speed. It should work.
  6. The main attractions of cinema is violence. Remember movies like Total Recall, A Clockwork Orange, M, and the Wild Bunch because they will haunt you in your sleep one way or another.
  7. Apparently the haircut advice is to copy the Cary Grant and reminisce about the 60s coifs. I’ll pass cause it’s not my time yet. Nonetheless, good article!
  8. Plan a European trip VERY soon because times are cheap and the time is now! Loved The Freewheeling Guide to Rediscovering Europe. Absolutely Perfect.
  9. Nice tips to cranking up style. The simple tips like adding color and wearing black at night are ingenious and understated.
  10. So according to Adam Sachs’ “The Sweet Spot,” the age of 30ish is the best age to screw 23-year-old college girls and 40-year-old soccer moms. Duly noted.
  11. The preppy, Kennedy-esque style is so immortally chic. Actor Hunter Parrish makes a point becaue now I want to buy tweed pants and a duffel coat.
  12. A compelling article about a high school scandal of a teen posing as an online girl and blackmailing some of male classmates to send provocative images/videos of themselves.  What was more shocking was that he blackmailed seven boys for blowjobs or anal sex. Too unbelievable to believe. Loved that the teen’s sexuality (obviously gay) was not an issue with the juxtaposition of another gay teen that was actually popular. I give my accolades to writer Michael Gross.
  13. Lastly, the celebrity of interviews with Channing Tatum and Quentin Tarantino were entertaining, but a little average. Good to know that Chan is just a regular average American.

And here’s some pictures of Channing Tatum looking stylishly GQ:

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