Chick Flick Mania!

I’ve had an odd week after my Las Vegas trip. It was very fun where I actually had a traditional Vegas trip complete with bar-hopping, awesome hotel sightseeing, show stoppers, and crazy shopping runs. But when I got back I watched a trio of movies with a chick flick theme. Here’s my short reviews for them and an added bonus movie just lying on my rack.

He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

This movie was thoroughly enjoyable. I love the fact that the characters have complicated lives in which men aren’t into them, but it’s mind boggling how these women are so neurotic that they dissect and twist every detail when meeting a guy. I loved the fact that the gay men are the voice of reason.  It has an all-star cast ensemble consisting of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly and Scarlet Johansson, but the movie was averagely enjoyable.

My Rating: C

Obsessed (2009)

From one movie about funny neurotic women comes a completely delusional psychotic woman in the form of Ali Larter in Obsessed. My dear, the girl is crazy from the beginning as she invents scenarios of her sexual trysts and suicidal attempts with her employee and threatens to ruin his family and his career. The entirety of the movie is quite annoying with the implausibility of some of these events and the insanity that the man does not tell his wife, Beyonce. The last 15 minutes are the best parts as Beyonce massacres Ali Larter. Well worth it.

My Rating: C-

Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009)

Out of the three “chick flick” movies I watched, this one is my favorite. Isla Fisher plays a shopaholic who attempts to rid of her habit (and debt) while working for a magazine. It’s a very cute, over-the-top movie with upbeat music. It’s funny and romantic, especially with the animated mannequins, the shopaholics anonymous, and the appearance of the dashing Hugh Dancy. Loved the movie and I plan to watch it again. Love the lines: “$200 on Marc Jacobs underwear?! Underwear is a basic human right!” and “You speak Prada?”

My Rating: C+

Bonus Film:
The Girl Next Door (2004)

This film sure looks outdated and very cheesy, implausible, and predictable as Emile Hirsch plays the shy overachiever whisked away by a porn star. The romance scenes are great but the whole movie fails in many scenes like making a sex ed movie, honors speech, and practically everything else. Still, it’s a fun romp reminiscent of Risky Business.

My Rating: C-


One Response to Chick Flick Mania!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    omg… that was Emile Hirsch?! HAHAHA

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