Marvel’s Gigantic 600 Landmarks.

Thor #600 apparently started a trend, because we now have the drastic renumbering of three titles: Captain America, Spiderman, and the Hulk. And with all anniversary specials, these three issues have some big events happening.

Captain America #600

This issue made headline news, for some strange reason. The main story itself is broken down into small vignettes as we find out what the supporting cast (Sharon, Bucky, The Avengers, The Red Skull) is doing for the one year anniversary of Captain America’s death. They’re fairly average as it leads to the assumption that Captain America might have a chance of surviving. It’s a basically a teaser to the Reborn miniseries, but it doesn’t merit to make news like Captain America #25 did. There’s a nice reprint of Captain America and Bucky fighting the Red Skull while Alex Ross provides a gorgeous introduction for the Sentinel of Liberty. Mixed, but good to pick up.

Hulk #600

I did not buy this issue because, apparently, it’s a waste of time and money. The main reason to avoid? Jeph Loeb has gone the deep end by promising nothing to this anniversary issue even though the solicitations said it will. Mindless actions with really rough transitions with no intentions of revealing the identity of the Red Hulk? No thank you. Oh yeah, my lack of interest in the writer and the actual character led me to ultimately not check out this lackluster anniversary issue.. Jeph Loeb did not improve in television (Heroes), and he did not improve in comics (preview this comic). But the Alex Ross cover looks stunning.

Spiderman #600

Out of the three anniversary issues, this is by far the best of the bunch. The issue is a whopping 102 pages with the main story illustrated by John Romita Jr. So much plot is revealed from Doctor Octopus’ illness, Aunt May’s wedding, Mary Jane’s return, and guest appearances from some of Marvel’s heroes. It was a very funny issue, but it doesn’t stop because we get short stories from Stan Lee and a great sentimental story about Uncle Ben. Plus, hilarious unused covers like Spiderman fighting hippies.


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