The Wife Of The Time Traveler.

Tearjerkers are great. It’s been a long time since I cried during a movie. I can’t think of the last movie when I did cry, but at least to be emotionally invested. The Time Traveler’s Wife didn’t make me cry, but I did feel emotionally invested. The movie is about a librarian (Eric Bana) born with a genetic disorder to randomly time travel. He begins to start a relationship with a Waspy artist (Rachel McAdams) and they go through the loving bliss and the complications connected with a “long-distance relationship.” Of course, the movie is  all time-compassing shown with the different ages of Rachel McAdams’ character (age 6 to 40). It feels like a mixture of The Notebook and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and rightfully so. My favorite scenes are the meadow scenes because that’s where the couple first meet. The landscape settings are also beautiful and tragic while the performances of the principal cast is emotionally realistic. Loved the film. I would watch it again for a sense of nostalgia.

My Rating: B+


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