The Mary Poppins Sing-A-Long!

I have a confession to make. I have never watched Mary Poppins. It has never occurred to me that I should go see it. But Castro Theater had their bi-monthly sing-a-long and chose Mary Poppins as this month’s winner. I’m obsessed with these sing-a-longs so I optioned to go see it even if I have never watched the film. My only excuse was that it has been a familiar pop culture reference that I can gladly be okay. And after all that’s said and done, these sing-a-longs are still the best places to be in the city. I loved watching Mary Poppins on the big screen. The songs are so catchy, especially “Spoonful of a Sugar,” “Chim Chim- Chiree” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” while Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke were amazing. The goody bags were filled with cute little toys like an harmonica, a spoon, fake pennies, and a little umbrella. It was my first time watching it, but I’m amazed I held out for so long. If anyone’s still interested to watch the sing-a-long, it’s playing until Sept. 10. Trust me, everyone should experience sing-a-longs at least 10 times.


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