Glee premiered last Spring with its first episode after American Idol. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this show, but never had the time to watch it. Its premise always appealed to me as it focuses on a typical mid-West high school’s glee club/singing choir. Again, it’s high school so you’re dealing with stereotypes mixed with awesome singing of old show tunes and current chart toppers. Ryan Murphy created this series, and I feel indebted to his creativity as he helped create Popular and Nip/Tuck.

I watched the first episode before the season premieres and I was laughing hysterically. The characters are so deranged as they interact with each other in far-out situations. Pure gold. The glee club is led by teacher Will Schuster (Matthew Morrison) to bring the glee to it’s former glory. The club comprises a bunch of misfits including the jock that just wants to sing (Cory Monteith). Their enemies? The football team and the cheerleaders (or cheerios), of course. The cheerleader coach is played by Jane Lynch (best remember from 40-Year-Old Virgin) and she‘s one of the main reasons to watch, if you will. And after watching the first episode, you’ll be belting out to Journey and Amy Winehouse again. Only this time to Glee-style. I won’t be able to watch it every Wednesday night, but I’ll be sure to search for it every Thursday morning.


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