Hefty Fall Servings Of GQ.

Here’s some reasons to pick up GO (and some to questionably skip):

  • It’s the hefty fall issue, so you’ll get so many gorgeous ads and insightful articles.
  • Michael Jackson’s candid photos when he was black. They’re pretty memorable.
  • Jim Nelson’s (E.I.C) opening letter with a racial commentary on American’s uneasiness of Obama. Relevant.
  • Later on, there’s an issue of Family Guy’s spinoff show being offensively racism because the voice actors aren’t black. Eh Irrelevant.
  • The weird backlash of Sasha Baron Cohen’s nude cover last issue. Esquire Magazine had Bar Rafali more risqué with no complaints. Can you say homophobic.
  • Actor John Cho showing off in double breasted suits in a classy photoshoot. Nice.
  • The Satorialist‘s candid pictures of stylish men. This time with the theme of gray suits in Italy. He makes me wanna buy his coffee-table book, The Satorialist.
  • Top 10 Drinking Cities in the U.S. I love it, but even more so because San Francisco is listed amongst the top.
  • A great opinion piece from writer Will Welch’s dissatisfaction with the hype of tattoos.  Seriously, why do we continue to get them in an ugly rebellious fashion.
  • Items I’m inclined to buy: bold striped socks, a down vest, light colored oxfords.
  • True Blood is getting a lot of hype, so why not showcase one of it’s stars, Ran Kwanten. Looks very rugged.
  • The Style Guy’s awesome advice on men blowing drying their hair and the simple fact that solid or stripe shirts with high quality material goes along way compared to wearing a graphic tee. Also, best line: real men get blown.
  • America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges. Eh funny for a second because it’s true, but tiresome.
  • For the female factor, they have risqué pictures of supermodel Brooklyn Decker. It serves its purpose.
  • How To Dress For The Big Interview.” Love this section. It’s the project upgrade section and they expanded it for 8 pages. The layouts are clean and the “before and after” are always different and insightful.
  • After last issue promoting Inglorious Basterds, they have another review from the Critic. A bit overdoing it.
  • Promoted the simple look of brown corduroys, a white oxford, and a jean jacket. I found my inspiration.
  • GQ’s 2009 Reading List. Some look very interesting, especially Juliet, Naked and Born Round  about a food critic’s fight with bulimia.
  • “The Best Jeans Under $100.” Lovely. Presented H&M as the cheapest with Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, The Gap, Kenneth Cole, and J.Crew. But I bought my pair from Levis already, so I‘m biased. (“Check the slimmer leg and shorter inseam: perfect for the tailored—and confident—gentleman.”)


2 Responses to Hefty Fall Servings Of GQ.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Not gonna lie, I totally bought this for John Cho, haha. I’m actually pretty impressed with the rest of the magazine, though.. dunno what I expected, but a lot of the articles were good reads!

  2. Dan says:

    We never got that month’s issue in dublin this month for some strange reason, i’ve searched everywhere! can i buy you’re copy??!?! pleeeease?

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