Fall’s The Season To Be GQ Stylish.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about GQ (or even posted for that matter), but here comes the October 2009 issue of GQ magazine with the good, the bad, and the stylish:

  • Olivia Wilde on the cover? Good choice as sex does sell. Better to have than that trashy tart, Megan Fox.
  • Ads: same as last is’. Where are the edgy provocateurs?
  • Jim Nelson’s anecdote on career building is interesting and depressing at the same time. It is tough though. But not to create a witty resume for $9,000?!
  • Brooks Brothers’ extra slim fit is intriguing. Slimmer oxfords make a man look good.
  • I love reading Jason Chen’s “I’m Going Broke Saving Money.” With all the savings and discounts during these harsh recession years, it’s no wonder men are broke buying products they don’t need.
  • Ah, the monthly project upgrade focuses on a man’s three-piece suit. The lessons are pretty easy: formfitting and neutral.
  • The Satorialist focuses on the Hipster trend: hats, cutoff corduroys, Warhol-esque glasses, faded colors, shorts with black socks. It’s nice to see what the subculture youth is up to.
  • The “How To Get Fit” section focuses on the uncanny task of looking like an Olympic Rower. Fortunately, they take athlete Giuseppe Lanzone and give us a 10-minute upper-body workout: three-prong pushups and the three-prong crunches. I now feel motivated.
  • The Style Guy gives us the usual: hair transplants (try not to), fitted tees (a given), belt buying (ooh simple, thin, and black or brown), and streamlining a man’s keys.
  • Voyeuristically checking out news anchor Brian Williams’ playlist is a treat. I got giddy seeing The Republic Tigers and the Dandy Warhols.
  • GQ reviewed the Informant! Last issue, and it is a bit too much PR, but analyzing Matt Damon’s underrated career makes a lot of sense considering his fine acting abilities.
  • I agonized over reading a 6-page article on Ed Hardy creator, Christian Audigier. True, his style is just shiny tattoo-like clothing with tigers and skulls and mocking the brand is a state fact now, but the magazine should have left it to a quick blurb. Make him go away. I don’t care if celebrities wear his clothes. Writer Devin Friedman was right: Bourgeoisies fashion ignores his brand as low, low art.
  • A very good photoshoot on the youngest (and very good-looking) man in Congress, Aaron Schock. The shoot covers all the basics in business attires: chalk stripe, glen plaid, tweed, pinstripe.
  • A quick two-page on brown suede shoes? Thank you.
  • I love fall season because we now focus on coats! I already have one, but the military peacoat, plaid duffel, moleskin, wool trench, and British cut look so irresistible. Must resist.
  • “Design for the People” is a nice feature on cheap home products. It’s good to see GQ focus on the everyday products you’d see at Target or IKEA.
  • A longer version of “Style Upgrade,” “The Seven Style Mistakes We’ve All Made” gives us the easy-to-do classics of the leather jacket, the grey v-neck, the perfect belt, the right collar, and the grey suit. See, easy to do.
  • Cardigans I love! And when Mr. Hudson shows us a variety of cardigans from wool to cashmere to merino wool, you just have to admire them for what they are.

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