The October Issue Of [X]Press Mag.

San Francisco State University’s magazine finally came out. And this time, we have themes. The time-honored green theme is in effect, but with unusual angles: Green Speed Dating? Yes. Scuppies? Check. Urban Beekeeping? San Francisco’s Hornblower Hybrid? Yes. And for my contribution I wrote about eco-friendly sex toys with a great emphasis on a water-assisted sex machine. It is pretty outrageous, but definitely check out the magazine, and my article 😉

Do You Like To Do It Yourself?
Chris Huqueriza, Associate Editor and Staff Writer
October 14, 2009

The dildo. God’s gift for the lonesome. Nowadays, dildos can be created out of anything. Silicone rubber and cyberskin are traditional materials while jelly and steel become some of the unorthodox materials to think of. But with so many variations to stick into any of your orifices, sex toys are now venturing into the environmental phase. Yes, that’s right. Your dildo can now be eco-friendly.

The idea of eco-friendly sex toys was unheard of in the past, but today it’s the new wave of the future- a solar vibrator, hemp rope, Vegan Mamba latex condoms, natural lubricants. And if you want something more kinky, there’s soy-based candle wax and recyclable rubber whips. Some sex-conscious consumers are even recycling their own used condoms while others bathe or shower with their partners for water conservation.

Rachel Duquette, an SF State environmental studies major, lives the green lifestyle. As a child, she visited a waste treatment site with high levels of cancer and asthma rates in Southern California. However, it was her trip to West Africa that traumatized her as she watched the burning of trash throughout the cities, while children without shoes stepped on the waste. “That was when environmental injustice slapped me in the face,” said Duquette.

For her own pleasurable experience, she owns a re-chargeable battery vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, liquid silk lube, and recently bought restraints. “There’s not really any major green sex store,” said Duquette who visits Good Vibrations and Condom Revolution. “I usually go online.” Some of the most popular online green sex sites are Babeland, Eco-Erotics, Love Me Naturally, Smitten Kitten, and The Sensual Vegan.

With a surprisingly low level interest in sex products in a city that thrives off the health and eco trends, there are rarely any eco-sex toys available, or even on display, in San Francisco.

Martin Cooper, An SF State grad in the sculpture department at San Francisco State University, has taken the next step in eco-friendly sex projects by building a water-powered sex machine called “The Mean Green Fucking Machine #1.” Cooper conceived the idea after his model friend showed him pictures of sex machines and water bondage. “Green culture is huge,” said Cooper. “Why not combine them?”

According to Martin Cooper’s Artist Statement, “Cars, homes, businesses, even laundry detergent are marketed to us as green, so why not a fucking machine?…And what could be more luxurious and self indulgent than a machine conceived and built for the sole purpose of sexual gratification?”

After spending 20-30 hours a week in Spring 2009, he submitted his piece to the Leo D. Stillwell Exhibition and was displayed for the Martin Wong Show at the sculpture terrace in the SF State Fine Arts building. “I’ve thought about hiring a model, but it’s in the public area and we don’t want to get arrested,” said Martin. “As of now, it’s still virginal.”

The machine itself is over 9 feet tall with a base of 4 feet by 4.5 feet complete with an 8 inch dildo. While the sex machine spews water 8 feet in every direction, its body parts of recyclable bike parts, wood, and plumbing apparatus makes the sex machine the most green as it avoids using electricity and fossil fuels. For the machine to work, it’s either hand-crankable or powered by a garden hose. Cooper’s gained positive except for one complaint. “The only problem was that people were bothered by the wasting water even though the drought ended that day,” said Cooper as he evokes more of a mockery of the green culture and the commentary on the prudeness of the Victorian era.

Martin hoped to sell the Mean Green Fucking Machine to located in San Francisco with the possibility of scoring a job at the art department, but nothing prospered. After disassembling the machine, Cooper had a willing male model from Craigslist to try the Mean Green Fucking Machine. For Cooper, he’d still love to do a series of more sex machines like a pendulum powered sex machine and a wind powered sex machine.

“It’d be fucking cool if you have [the Mean Green Fucking Machine] in your sex chamber,” Duquette said with delight about Cooper’s green monolith.


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