GQ Falls Into Style.

Ah, One of my favorite parts of every month, my subscription to GQ Magazine. Gotta love it whether it’s the style, the articles, or just the plain news of the world. So here’s some eye-catchy features GQ graced or ungraced us:

  • The cover with Mad Men actress, January Jones. I don’t mind the fact that she shows off her breasts (almost) to call them golden globes seems oddly strange. I feel indifferent to that line.
  • Joel McHale models for the season’s best materials from tweed to plaid to flannel to corduroys. Best part? Classy shoes paired with outrageous colored socks and an assorted array of lightweight v-necks and scarves.
  • Ooh yes! I love that GQ endorses Simon Miller Jeans. Those jeans do look stylish and pretty damn wearable. And I love it that it’s described as they’re slim without being painfully skinny.”
  • Project Upgrade spotlights the Entourage-esque attire when you’re out on the town. Yes to skinny black jeans and a leather jacket with Adidas shoes and no to oversize dress shirts with acid color jeans! My head just spinned to that thought.
  • A GQ Winter Survival Guide is essential as they bring the modern gentleman up-to-date with (shiny) winter boots, Russian furry hats, and plush down vests, layering, and awesome jackets. I especially loved the rolled-up jeans as you show off your boots.

  • This month, the Satorialist looks at fashionable men next to trendy shops and museums.
  • Julian Casablancas from the Strokes is back with an emulated rebel style. His story of maturity and reinvention during the time of his solo is all well and good, but to hear that he bought his favorite jacket at a thrift store for $15 as he rocks the sunglasses is so much better.
  • Coffee: The most important drink of the day? Coffee? Oh yeah, I forgot. I love how the mag mentions that we are in the third phase of the coffee era but we are douchebags for talking about them in a cultured manner. Eh. I’m more intrigued with the coffeehouses mentioned in San Francisco: Blue Bottle Coffee, Caffe Vita, and Ritual Coffee Roasters. Yes, an SF outing is in the works now.
  • The Style Guy advises men in tidbits of ridiculous stale hippie style, tucked-in shirts with belts, wearing mock turtlenecks (um no), and the awesome mention of beatnik style from Scott Walker. I want to copy his corduroys, black sweater, specks, and scarf. Imitate for Halloween?
  • Will Welch writes an interesting piece of staying home and enjoying the solo activities of shoe shining, record playing, reading, and making drinks instead of watching the game and going out.
  • A Dress Shirt Manifesto, modeled by actor Talyor Lautner. Interesting advice with pinstripe shirts, crisp white dress shirts paired with jeans and a skinny tie, conventional collars with more conventional ties, and awesome colors such as a black dress shirt and blue stripes.
  • Using the Navy’s strapping young men to model pea-coats is an ingenious move. It’s like modeling Tom Brady and Gene Kelly in their respective genres.

2 Responses to GQ Falls Into Style.

  1. steveee says:

    PLEASE tell me the brand of sunglasses that julian casablancas is wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. steveee says:

    please tell me, what brand of sunglasses it is that julian casablancas wears

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