Date Film Quickies.

I’ve neglected to review the current films I watched. I’ve been on a few dates and the prerequisite seems to watch a movie. It boggles my mind since you can’t interact with your date for 2 hours but it works for a lot of people. Here’s three quick reviews of the date films I’ve seen:

Couple’s Retreat (2009)

The title says it all as four couples stay at a couple’s resort to fix their marriages. It’s an all-star cast with Malin Akerman, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, and Jason Bateman. It’s pretty funny as battle-of-the-sexes scenarios go, but it’s a very predictable movie with happy ending.

Date Movie? Half and Half. It’s pretty funny and somewhat romantic, but I’ve never even interrupted my date. Strange.


The Informant! (2009)

The Informant is a dark comedy directed by Steven Sodenbergh and starring Matt Damon as a bipolar whistleblower. The comedy is sharp with Damon’s monologues hilarious to hear out loud. While very witty, I would only watch this film once in the movie theater. Damon’s performance is surely Oscar worthy.. He deserves something.

Date Movie? Honestly, No. Nothing romantic and a lot of babble that will surely confuse someone.


Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

I’ve never read the book and I was highly expecting sheer greatness ever since I saw the trailer, but the movie is highly average. A young boy with identity and family problems runs (or swims) away to a magical land of wild beasts. He gets to play make-believe (the best part) as we get to know the monsters. Again, I was expecting more in bewilderment and creativity since the book is an all-time classic. The music from Karen O and the Kids is fantastic.

Date Movie? Yes. Very childlike and there’s a lot to talk about- but no romance at all. Unfortunately, this was not a date movie for me.

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