A Return to Castro Halloween.

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year to dress up as a freak, your inner-diva, slut, or just show up in something originally creative. And San Francisco is one of the best places to expose your imagination. San Francisco was renowned for its Halloween in the Castro, but had to end because of the stabbings, the shootings, and the AIDS-filled needles. I went three years ago, and I revisited this year. So much has changed. It’s not the happiest place, but still the busiest with more cops patrolling the streets. The clubs are over-packed, it’s hard to find a parking, can’t pee anywhere, and the streets are insanely overcrowded. Still, it’s a lot safer than before. I shall find another place to celebrate one of the best holidays of the years.

This year, I dressed up with costumes inspired by idols: Gene Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. My first costume was a sailor complete with white pants, a nautical sailor hat, a Russian navy striped shirt, and a red scarf. It’s very Gene Kelly-esque from his Anchors Aweigh film. My other costume was daring and a return to drag as I dressed up as a female socialite/call girl. The costume is very Holly Golightly/Breakfast at Tiffany’s mixed in with Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf. Here are some fantastic pictures. Can’t wait for next year; I’m already planning my outfits =)


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