How To Unravel The Box.

The Box is an intriguing movie wrapped up in an enigma. Based on writer Richard Matheson’s 10-page short story, “Button, Button,” it’s about a suburban couple’s choice (Cameron Diaz and James Marsden) to push a mysterious button that results in receiving one million dollars and a stranger dying. In this feature-length film directed by Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko), the setting is rightfully set in 1970s Richmond to show the paranoia of its time. To ruin the film, the couple pushes the button and the couple is swept away to a bizarre world filled with Mars conspiracies, alien water, nosebleeds, suburban zombies, and afterlife moments.

The film is effectively creepy as it borrows elements from the Twilight Zone (the script was adapted to an episode), but the claustrophobic soft lighting and the chilling Hitchcockian/Hermann-esque music done by Arcade Fire will leave the audience in a paralysis of unexpectancy. Diaz and Marsden do fine acting, but the real award should go to Frank Langella as he plays the charming, yet sinister man delivering the box. Even his disfigured face would not surprise you, but the 70s ghastly wallpaper will. Although there is a lot to take in with all the conspiracies and plots, The Box is worth seeing, harkening back to a good suspenseful “Twilight Zone-esque” thriller.

My Rating: B


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