Ingenious Thoughts.

I had nowhere to input these ingenious thoughts, so I’m giving a few quick thoughts on my blog. These would have been great ideas for stories, but they still need a lot of work to fully get there. Until then, enjoy my thoughts.

Pizza Parlors:

Inside the buildings of Downtown San Francisco, there lies an underground room engorged with 80s nostalgia. Vinyl records of Madonna and Prince are plastered against the wall while the stereo plays hits like Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” and Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts.” No, it’s not a special 80s nightclub or a black hole leading to a 80s recording studio; it is a pizza parlor. It’s the most common place to eat, but many small pizza parlors adorn themselves with the decade of Atari, vinyl records, and shoulder pads.

By definition, pizza parlors are places where pizzas are made and sold. But the décor of the 1980s is so common for the natural observant that it’s cemented in their mind. There’s not a trace of why pizza parlors are created in that form, but the decadent decade and the pizza parlor fit perfectly with the underground subculture. Many non-bourgeoisie, San Francisco-based pizza parlors are adorned with the 80s: Escape from New York in the Haight district is named after the 80s movie, Roundtable Pizzas have the arcade games, and Blondie’s Pizza is located underground with album covers of the decade.

Cursive Writing:

It just occurred to me that no one writes in cursive handwriting. What was once a painstakingly agonizing middle school practice activity has become a relic. I remember writing to distinguish my Vs to by Us, but never got it. My teacher probably reprimanded me, but really, they are oblivious to the fact that they are teaching an activity that will NEVER be used. Can they teach useful activities like online typing? Cursive Writing is mainly used for signature writing and for those people who feel the need to write chicken scratch to their superiors. Good luck.

Slow Dancing:

What song do you remember slow dancing to in middle school? Mine? Spice Girls’ “Too Much.” I remember asking a plethora of people and they’ve named songs from Ginuwine’s “Differences” to Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road.” Memories that I believe people would like to forget. Ah, yet another lost art form that is rarely used- if ever. This lost dance form harkens back to the simple times of the middle school years. I don’t even remember slow dancing in high school. But it is a lost art form in the simple practice of courting the opposite sex- then screwing them. Sure, there are places that still use slow dancing like ballroom dancing, but in the arenas of nightclubs and bars, slow dancing is simply irrelevant. I do love the description that provides:

“Slow dancing” is often associated with a particular, simple style of dance performed by middle school and high school students. Foot movement is minimal, but the couple may use their feet to slowly turn on the spot. Because the dance requires little physical concentration, participants often talk to each other while dancing. Slow dancing is often considered to be just hugging and swaying, rather than an actual dance.

This simple form of slow dancing is common at dances sponsored by schools or by religious organizations, such as churches or synagogues. In Western popular culture, slow dancing can serve as a symbol of adolescent social awkwardness.”


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