Lady Gaga’s Monstrous Hit Album.

Lady Gaga is living in the stratosphere right now. Not only is her first album a bona fide hit, her performances are the most creative and wackiest performances at such venues like the American Music Awards and MTV’s Video Music Awards. And with her second album, released November 18, The Fame Monster is proving to be another creative smash with her lead single, “Bad Romance.” The album is more melodramatic with such hits like “Monster” and  “Speechless” speaking much of the dark side with fame and a gothic theme. What’s most pleasing is that many of her songs evoke great works like “Dance in the Dark” with Madonna’s “Vogue,” “Alejandro” with Abba and Ace of Base, and “Speechless” with Queen. Her songs are deeply emotional, and add a unique layer different from her previous “dance-esque” album. Her next single is “Telephone,” a duet with Beyonce, proving to be another hit. I’ve played that song over 50 times on my iPod. And, that’s saying a lot.

My Rating: A


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