Four Film Quickies.

Almost three weeks from my previous post, I wanted to review a few movies I watched in full detail. Instead, I’ll give quick movie reviews on four interesting films.

The Proposal (2009)

I was not expecting much greatness from this romantic comedy, but it pleasantly surprised me on its hilarious content. Sandra Bullock is funny as a publishing editor forced to make her employee (Ryan Reynolds) marry her so she could stay in the country. Reynolds and Bullock certainly have chemistry as they travel from New York to Alaska with a lot of crazy scenarios. Besides an unnecessary B –subplot, the movie won me over, especially the well-aged Sandra Bullock.

My Rating: B

New Moon (2009)

The second installment of the Twilight series is certainly an improvement over the first movie with a better plot and better acting. It’s still pretty crappy but this time around, the movie spiraled into an “emo” perspective as vampire Edwards (Robert Pattinson) abandons Bella (Kristen Stewart) and she finds comfort with teen wolf, Jacob (Taylor Lautner). The hype is everywhere as it is infectious, but the movie provided a solid plot conflict. I was hoping there would be more screen time for the pack of wolves, Victoria (the vampire villainess from Twilight), seer Alice, and Dakota Fanning, but I digress. I’m definitely not Team Edwards or Team Jacob, but I am Team Taylor Lautner as he was the breakout star.

My Rating: C

Paper Heart (2009)

Paper Heart was an interesting movie. I loved its premise of a girl (Charlyne Yi) filming other people on the definition of love with quirky answers, but something about the film didn’t engage me enough. It picked up steam as it finally centering on her relationship with actor Michael Cera, but wasn’t enough to engage my interests. There is plenty of quirky moments for this 87-minute hybrid documentary blending fiction and non-fiction on the couple’s relationship. Worth a peek.

My Rating: C

Brothers (2009)

Based on a 2004 Danish film by Susanne Bier (same title), the American version stars Natalie Portman, Tobey McGuire, and Jake Gyllenhaal. Tobey and Natalie reside as a happy couple (Sam and Grace) in the mid-west until he goes to Afghanistan. Sam is pronounced dead and Grace moves forward with his brother-in-law played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Sam returns, but after killing his buddy, takes his anger on his family and his brother. While the movie is interesting, Brothers is a slow paced film with predictable results and ends with a whimper. For me, the main message was that soldiers need to release their post-traumatic stress disorder out that could have easily been averted.

My Rating: B-


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