The Men Of GQ, Circa 2009.

GQ unveils their final issue of 2009 with their annual Men of the Year. Within the package are some great features to reminisce about 2009. A lot to take in, of course.

  • The Men of 2009: Good choices from the Hangover dudes to Barrack Obama to Tom Brady. Tom Ford, Christoph Waltz, Alec Baldwin, the Twitter creators, Neil Patrick Harris, and Clint Eastwood rounded up the list of stylish men. My favorite? Chris Pine. Truly a breakout star.  And kudos for choosing Leighton Meester for Woman/Obsession of the Year.
  • Again, reading Project Upgrade is always amusing. This time around, GQ focuses on the traditional tux and how to keep it classy. The men of True Blood wear them to perfection later on in the issue.
  • The Satorialist has a keen eye as he snipes fashion in Paris. The best shot was of the Parisian imitating American style.
  • Other fashion magazine outlets have covered this already, but GQ focuses on 19th century fashion. Sherlock Holmes comes out during Christmas, but waistcoats, specs, bowler hats, and mustaches are very chic.
  • The Winter Survival Guide teaches men the importance of a down vest, a topcoat, a raincoat, and a parka. Oddly, they are perfect for office attire.
  • There’s a great interview on the America’s oldest living tailor, Martin Greenfield. It’s an amazing feat when you’re 81 years old.
  • The Style Guy’s advice came off as the usual, but I do appreciate herringbone jackets adding a sense of dapperness to a young man’s wardrobe.
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt looks quite dapper with knitted sweaters, long coats, leather jackets, and three-piece suits, and striped shirts. They are very affordable coming from such stores like H&M, Topman, Uniqlo, Gap, and French Connection.
  • It’s unusual to think of it, but White Stripes’ Jack White is everywhere in music as his influence reaches The Raconteurs to the Kills to Where the Wild Things Are. Strange.
  • There’s a great feature with the year in music with notable mention of eccentric Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, and a return to the 90s with Maxwell and Phish.
  • J.J. Abrams and his crew are notably described as power players of Hollywood. The Geeks do inherit the Earth.
  • A nice array of color pops out as the  band Phoenix wears everyday fashion.

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