Mid-Season Finallys!

2009 is ending soon, so television does what it does best: Mid Season Finallys! The drama ignites, the bitches are back in spiteful form, and disaster pops up in the forms of plane crashes, car crashes, and murder by the pool. For three nights in a row, I had mental orgasms that didn’t stop. I wanted to review Glee’s mid-season finale, but I haven’t watched it yet as I wanted to until I watched the whole season. It will be a while so here’s the rest.

Desperate Housewives (December 6)

The wives in Wisteria Lane had much drama as their problems escalated: Lynette and Gaby feuding over their friendship, Bree’s finally divorced with men still bickering over her, Angie has to deal with blackmail, and Susan and Mike still have to deal with the psychotic Katherine. And apparently a plane crashes through the neighborhood (Now that’s suspending my beliefs). But, hey, it’s television and the best moments proved to be Katherine’s breakdown at the hospital and the mysterious hand that kills one of Bree’s men. My best bet is that all three are alive.

Gossip Girl (December 7)

For the twelfth episode, the story revolves around two plot points: reminiscing over Bart Bass’ death last year and Serena’s car crash. Bart’s death affects his son, Chuck, who seems to be descending into a heartless prick (again), but recovers when news of his stepsister, Serena, is in the hospital. Serena acts out of passion for her affair with a politician and deals with the horrific consequences. With the others- Dan is pining for Vanessa, Blair wants to help Chuck, Jenny and Eric fight, and Nate is pining for Serena. It all seems the same melodrama but the big revelations kept my attention: Rufus finds out about Lily’s affair with her ex-husband while Chuck’s mother is alive! Motherchucker!

Melrose Place (December 8)

This show is so over-the-top and trashy that I can’t help but love it: just like its predecessor and Heather Locklear. The big mystery of Sydney’s death is unraveled as Michael Mancini’s wife killed her in the pool. It’s good to know that Sydney’s daughter, Violet, ended the bitch’s life. The flashbacks are insinuatingly pleasurable with Amanda and Sydney finally reunited (although not on good terms). As with the others, Riley and Jonah breakup leaving Jonah with Ella while Lauren overdoses with David rescuing her. But it all promises juicy plots next year with Amanda still scheming.

Here’s a trailer for Melrose Place and a scene with Heather Locklear:


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