GQ’s New Year.

GQ’s first issue of 2010 came out this weekend, and Rihanna is on the cover looking seductively bad-ass. It’s a small package- compared to the winter and fall issues- but there are still a few good features to look at:

  • James Franco’s younger brother, Dave, shows off his talents in his some spiffy Band of Outsiders polo shirts.
  • Harvard grad/Accessories Designer Alexander Olch tutors men on the importance of ties and bowties with concentration to colors, shapes, and why clip-ons are horrendous. And a great quote from him: “I’m suspicious of anyone perfectly dressed; it’s not natural. There should be something unbuttoned or a collar that’s a wrong collar. A man shouldn’t dress well- he should dress with character.”
  • Knox Robinson writes about grooming, but with an interesting perspective as black men formerly made strong statements with Afro and braids to the retro vibe of tight Caesar-eque haircuts populating power players today. Think Sidney Poitier, Bob Marley, Malcolm x, and, of course, Barrack Obama.
  • NBA player Derrick Rose reinvents himself for us in the Spring Preview. Windbreakers and bright jackets are definitely in.
  • GQ provided a D.I.Y. lunch pack that saves your health and your cash. It’s fantastic stuff from using grainy breads to the varieties of cheese to the right soup. And GQ also endorses a classy lunch box, nothing like the Power Rangers lunchbox of yesteryear.
  • The Style Guy’s advice is relatively short this month, but provides great advice about turtlenecks to cowboy boots to eye brow trimming. For all of these, it’s about confidence and if it matches your persona.
  • Under Obama’s administration, the Capitol has become stylish and GQ notices from Speechwriter Jon Favreau to the power suits of the representatives (Charles Rangel and Aaron Schock).
  • Acotr Matthew Goode shows GQ ten easy steps for a man to look his best with emphasis on plaid shirts, baseball jackets, white jeans, grey sweaters, denim shirts, monochromatic v-necks, sports jacket, jean cuffs, gray sneaks, and wool suits.
  • In this digital era of social networking, the mention of Facebook or Myspace becomes tedious. But GQ’s “Eighteen People You’re Scared Of on Facebook” is hilarious because it’s true. What’s funnier than “Lady Who Publishes Every Pedestrian Detail of Her Life” or “Misery Lady” or “Inspirational-Quote Guy Who Probably Has a Successories Poster In Every Room of His House”? There’s nothing, really, in the ironic age of social networking.
  • I found Rihanna’s interview pretty boring and couldn’t get past the flash. Her story’s been told to death with so much sympathy as the writer even says, “She’s made her point.”
  • Actor Paul Walker is definitely one of those men who look better with age. And he proves himself worthy as he steps into business attire. All seven pictures are below:


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