2010: New Year, New Rules.

2010 is arriving quickly. It’s a new year and new rules as the first millennial decade ends. Last year, I accomplished enough with exercise everyday, watching all of Audrey Hepburn’s films, and updating this blog while producing the best work I can for the school magazine. Some that fell by the wayside were the comic habit, San Francisco tour, and finishing my memoirs. Here’s mine for the new year with mainly the same goals, albeit different.

  1. Expand my portfolio: I did the best with my school magazine, and I feel I could carry on my craft.
  2. Minimalize Comics: I can’t rid the habit entirely, but I could streamline my picks month by month. This year, I will only buy 2 to 3 comics and 2 to 3 graphic novels per month. It works pretty well.
  3. Work out: My regimen has been the same for two years: work out everyday; include cardio running and ab exercises. This year, I plan to run 2 miles a day and redefine my morning ab workouts.
  4. Reconnect with old friends: I would like to keep in contact with many of them, and watching movies and coffee keeps the connection fresh. And, I WILL connect with my mag buddies with this plan in mind.
  5. Move out: My plan was to move this year, but my focus has shifted, so moving out won’t happen until spring.
  6. Get some: This sounds vulgar, but it’s on everyone’s mind.
  7. Make new friends: pretty self-explanatory.

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