Nordstrom’s “What Style Are You?”

After finishing Nordstrom’s Guide to Men’s Style, the book offers a lot in regards to personal style. Within the mere 125-page book focusing on everything from tuxedos to ties, I am yet invigorated to go shopping again. One of my favorite parts was the style quiz in determining a man’s own style. I knew mine: classic, yet streamlined modern. For this quiz I wanted to know where I fall under the four categories: Luxury, Classic, Contemporary, Trend. Before I reveal my answers, here’s the quiz if your curiosity piques: here

If you answered:
More A’s, then you fall under Luxury
More B’s, then you fall under Classic
More C’s, then you fall under Contemporary
More D’s, then you fall under Trend.

Altogether, I gave answers like I’d rather drive a BMW, own the hippest place in NY, David Beckham as my style icon, listening to my iPod for what’s hot, wine tasting, urban adventurer, and my closet is an armory of pieces that describe who I am. My answers fell more in the C category, so I’m Contemporary. My mindset is classic, but I fall into the modern as it’s not flashy, but you still need to express your own personal style by taking the basics and trimming them. Apparently, this is called the “British style.”

And to sum it up, I also learned from the book that I have a compact and slim physique, with a minor case of athleticism. Good to know. What style are you?


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