Awesome A++ Film Reviews.

It’s 2010, but the previous year had a spectacular amount of great films. Here’s two films with an outstanding A+, albeit short, reviews. Enjoy!:

Avatar (2009)

Avatar is a great film that took over 10 years for James Cameron to complete. Essentially a story rife with Last of the Mohicans moments with a touch of environmental preservation and the dangers of imperialism, Cameron really outdid himself in a movie that’s three hours long (again). Actor Sam Worthington is a crippled Marine who enlists in the Avatar program to try to connect  with the alien race. His second psychical body resembles the blue mammoths that it becomes pure cinematic magic as he interacts with his breathtaking surroundings. The story does great to really increase the visuals of this alien world. Avatar is highly recommended to see, especially with the 3-D/IMAX experience.

My Rating: A+

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Well, I feel silly not watching Inglourious Basterds earlier in 2009. It’s a fantastic World War II adventure-fantasy film as Director Quentin Tarantino casts Brad Pitt to lead a bunch of Jewish-born Nazi killers to end the German dictatorship. The movie clocks in at 3 hours, but is well worth the wait as Tarantino meticulously plays the movie with so much guilty pleasure performances, quotes, and scenes. The cream on top was added with a performance by Christoph Waltz giving a great villainous performance as the Jew Hunter. Again, highly recommended.

My Rating: A+

Ponyo (2009)

Ponyo is the latest film from Japanese acclaimed director, Hayao Miyazaki. Inspired by Hans Christensen Anderson’s tale, The Little Mermiad, the movie follows a small fish-girl and her transformation into a human after meeting a precocious 5-year-old boy. Adventure ensues and they must deal with her stubborn sea father. As always, his film gives a sense of grand whimsy with lush animation. The film is a delight for kids and for their parents. A must-see for film aficionados!

My Rating: A+


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