GQ Marches Into Style.

The March issue of GQ came out with a few goodies unlike February’s, which I did not critique on the blog. Anyways, here’s the rundown:

  • The Satorialist covered the beaches of Rio with an extraordinary eye in relaxed attire from white tees to small trunks to sarongs to graphic tees. Lovely understated.
  • The best new designers in America are an interesting array of young and hipster-like style that can definitely be imitated on.
  • Eye frames can make a gentleman bold, especially in different looks like black rims, translucent, and tortoise.
  • There’s a nice short piece from Chandler Burr finding vintage fragrances, even if it’s found in the hipster garbage.
  • Topher Grace dons the best attire for the modern man: the leather jacket. Nicely snug in the class black.
  • There’s a hilarious piece on how to workout and balance the kids. It sticks out with a few pointers on new daddies.
  • The Style Guy gives us the usual pointers from indoor hats (please don’t), class rings (buy the ring, but don’t wear it), fashionable sarongs (if you can, pull it off), and lightweight scarves (gets better through time).
  • Pierce Bronsan is back as his photoshoot describes him as: extremely dashing, charming, and rakish. The pictures make him stand out.
  • There’s an interesting article that states that President Obama has made other African Americans more irresistible. I don’t know what to think about this.
  • GQ presents the best tips to hosting a party. So many awesome tips, usually paraded with common sense too.

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