Alice In Wonderland: Not My Cup Of Tea.

So after two weeks of Alice and Wonderland mania, I can honestly give an unbiased opinion on Tim Burton’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s story. As entertaining it was, the movie wasn’t that good. Perhaps, It was the hype surrounding Tim Burton’s vision of Alice in Wonderland or that film’s wonders come from the 3D visual spectacles more than the mundane “generic battle” plot. Either way, I was expecting this quasi-sequel to fulfill the pleasures of the original tales as Alice meets eccentric characters of Wonderland. Mia Wasikowska does a commendable job with less heart while Johnny Depp gives the lackluster performance of the Mad Hatter ever in film history with the other actors following suit in their respective roles. Again, entertaining enough, but I wouldn’t praise the film for anything else.

My Rating: C

I also watched the star-ensemble film, Valentine’s Day. I won’t bother giving a review but my sentiments go with Entertainment Weekly’s review. I recall that it was a F-rating, mainly for its cheesiness, predictability, and retarded-ness. I agree.

My Rating: F


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