GQ Starts The Spring Fashion.

The latest issue of GQ Magazine is chock full of goodies as the spring season arrives. Here’s the rundown:

  • Jim Nelson, Editor-in-Chief, gives a very interesting editor’s letter as he talks about the isolation of telecommunicating. Jim Nelson is right: “wake up and see the clowns around you.”
  • The Big interview with Rielle Hunter is front and center as its scandal broke up John Edwards’ marriage. Not really shocking, but her interview is interesting to read.
  • The grooming section gives a nice perspective that the metrosexual look is a decade dead and that the ungroomed bears are back. That’s great and all, but let’s not reduce ourselves to the Stone Age.
  • I have the urge to buy a cambray shirt for the spring/summer time. Effortlessly chic, I must say.
  • I usually see suits for the winter, but the spring survival guide gives an intriguing look for the dandy and the minimalist, each preferring night and day looks (dany has the colorful khakis flair while the minimalist has the simple black look).
  • The Satorialist covers the eccentricities of Asian couture as eyewear, coats, and accessories take full coverage.
  • One of my favorite pieces for this issue is the project upgrade for the college student. We don’t need sloppy looks in sweats and baseball caps, but a guy that dresses nice is great. The pixcture had the young man wearing nice boots, slim khakis, and a track jacket with good hair. Reminds me when I saw a college boy wearing basketball shorts with a knitted sweater on campus.
  • The GQ Fitness Challenge has the basic rule for men to workout to: always push your limits because our bodies are highly adaptable. Basic rule, really.
  • The Style Guy has one page with great advice on not to look American while traveling and the rise of flannel in a non-90s way.
  • Shia Labeouf has great pictures leading to his role in the Wall Street sequel, but I can’t shake his TMZ persona even after reading the article.
  • The penny-pincher’s guide is a godsend with tips ranging from tailoring, ebay and vintage steals, buying drugstore products, and making your own shorts. There’s a lot to absorb, but definitely one of the highlights foe this issue.
  • Maxwell has a great photoshoot harkening back to the 1970s. Didn’t think the 70s can look so good.
  • The irony of the Teabag force team is awesome. Although seeing our President and Nancy Pelosi as the enemies is retarded just like perceiving Sarah Palin as a hero.
  • The recession article is interesting because we have entered out of that era where the old rules don’t apply. GQ gives the new rules, which are pretty simple: make a will, destroy debt, invest, insurance, plan retirement.
  • Mila Kunis as been the hot stoner since That 70s Show and has become THE man’s girl. Pretty darn impressive.
  • GQ covers the phenomenon of Manny Pacquiao: mysterious, breaks all the boundaries, and people who don’t like boxing are watching because of him. And as true as that is, he barely speaks in the article. All hype to me.
  • And lastly, photographers Jim Marshall and Timothy White show off awesome candid pictures of Hollywood royalty in “Match Prints.”

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