Clash Of The Titans Review.

I’m a fan of the Greek myths. I obsessed over the tales of Aphrodite, Hercules, and the fall of the Titans. The original Clash of the Titans was 80s cheese, but I enjoyed it as a child. With the new version, it was a bit of a letdown. And if it were viewed in 3-D, the whole movie would have been a mess. What are the negatives of the new version? Much of the acting was corny and some of the cinematography was confusing. Much of the details of the myths were skewered giving Hades a villainous role, minimal screen-time for the other gods, and a love introduction for the main characters which was highly unnecessary. My only positive was that Sam Worthington was pretty good, but he should have lost the crew cut if everyone else has long hair. My best advice would be to look for the 80s version with Harry Hamlin because it was a lot better.

My Rating: C-


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