The Alcoholic.

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I wanted to read an engaging graphic novel. What better way than reading about the life of an alcoholic? Entitled The Alcoholic, Jonathan Ames writes an interesting graphic novel as his story follows the character named Jonathan A. It may seem autobiographical, but the story proves noteworthy as his story first started off like anybody else’s: drinking at a high school party. We are given glimpses of his life as a success with his college years and his writing through his hardships like the loss of best friend, parents, same-sex experimentation, and the September 11 attacks. His dependency on certain relationships (his best friend and the girl he pines for) proves to be his spiral into alcoholism. They are sad and very common, at times a bit irritating. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting quirky tale with simple, yet beautiful illustrations from Dean Haspiel. It’s a quick read that will leave an impression on anybody, sober or not.

My Rating: B+


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