I Am A Silly Bitch Review.

I wrote a short zine review for Ashcan Magazine. Please enjoy. =)

Written by Chris Huqueriza

The Force of Nature

I’m A Silly Bitch is ninety percent words with a minimal amount of pictures, but that’s okay because writer Force of Nature’s thoughts are provocative and insightful. Sure, many of his opinions might offend a lot of people (and he most likely will), but he provides a disclaimer on the first page.

Many of his stories and rants range from a lurid tale with a disorganized schizophrenia to the types of douchebags out there in the world. Force of Nature says there are a few from the emasculating frat boys to Christian homophobes to Republicans (but not all of them). He mostly provides observational insights with bullshit lairs to a few cheap vulgar laughs.

One of my favorites was an anecdote on caring about the environment. Moral of the story? He’s only eco-friendly because his dream is to fuck a hipster girl. He also provides a cliché lesson of honesty with strange tales of pissing near a police station to contraband cigars. Finally, he adds his final wishes before he dies with a cool soundtrack that replicates the Garden State soundtrack. But another reason to pick it up? The title:I’m A Silly Bitch. I’ll gladly passed it to a friend to read.


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