GQ’s Preview Of Fall Style With Taylor Lautner.

My favorite magazine, if it wasn’t apparent, is GQ Magazine. It’s the essence of the gentlemen’s style for the dignified and cultured worldwide. Since the conception of my blog back in 2008, I’ve given a review for each issue commenting on its best features and some features that needs slight improvement. Unfortunately, the past months I haven’t provided a critique because I simply can’t keep up or that there’s nothing striking enough for me to post. I’m not a fan of summer style so I’ve purposely missed them. Until something noteworthy comes along, then I’ll post something. But with the July issue featuring Taylor Lautner, it’s truly a godsend as he presents a preview of Fall style!

What’s better than board shorts, sandals, white pants, and hideous Hollister polo shirts? Well suits, topcoats, striped crewnecks, vests, ties and ties beat anything in the summer. It’s the wave of the future…future as in Fall 2010. The article interviewing Taylor Lautner was short and so-so (Olive Garden? Eh.), but the pictures were fantastic. Taylor Lautner is sporting striped v-necks, cord suits, miliary watches, topcoats, striped crewnecks, tweed attire, vests, camel accents, a duffie coat, plaid shirts, and appropriate sweat pants.


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