Falling Back Into The Basics.

Fall has finally arrived! Not only is it the holidays (a favorite for practically everyone) but because the weather permits bystanders to dress in sweaters, coats, and scarves. For men’s style, it’s fairly simplistic has we rely on the timeless classics. Here’s 5 staples that I find myself searching for or buying in different variations.

1. Cardigans

They call this is the grandpa sweater, but there’s a reason why our elders wore it with such pride. For a simple sweater that has multiple buttons, it’s snug, comfortable, and very practical. I love the feel that it drapes your body if you want it unbuttoned. I have previously own three, but buying another one in the fall color (forest green) wouldn’t hurt. Right?

2. Skinny Ties

For men’s fasion, every item of style seems to be tailored and slimmer has the year’s progress. For the slim and tall or even the fit and short, no man can go wrong with a slim tie. I opt for a skinny tie because I enamored myself in the swingin’ 60s mod style popularized by the Beatles. I lost my only skinny tie a few years ago because of traveling, but I recently bought the essential black tie so it’s time for a comeback.

3. Cologne

What do most people remember when you leave them? Your scent. So smelling good has become very vital for every distinguished gentleman. For the holidays last year, I bought Yves Saint Laurent’s Night cologne. It was great but my friend updated me with the “mantastic” scent of Bleu de Chanel. But use it accordingly in moderation, please.

4. Corduroys

Corduroys: The best pair of bottoms to wear in cold weather, as they are “the ultimate casual.” Nothing looks more comfortable and chic if you’re wearing a form-fitting polo, a cardigan, a v-neck, or a topcoat. I want a more “uniformly-pleasing” so I go for grey and khaki. I’m not sure if I want them, or if I need them but I bought black and brown also just for variety. Oops.

5. Top Coats

During the lazy days of summer, people have been quoting Mark Twain with “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” With true, albeit cliché, words, many San Franciscans have been sporting jackets and coats even if they’re not in the actual season. Well, now they’re back in demand and everyone is buying a new coat. I’m opting for the sleek topcoat I bought from Armani Exchange last year. It’s still in top condition and able to turn a few heads.

6. V-Necks

V-necks are all season long, but I find myself buying them in bulk because they’re so practical and popular. Very snug and formfitting that goes well underneath any ensemble. Good to wear just in case you need to show off those muscular assets.


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